MMM offers a couple awesome workshop that will help you be best prepared for a photo-shoot but whether or not you participate, we recommend the following in regards to posing:

Practice – Practice – Practice! Even top models spend time in front of the mirror – practicing expressions and poses to prepare for a photo shoot. It is important to know how your face feels when you smile, or laugh, or frown, or pout.

It is important to know how your body feels when it is posed in an attractive manner.

Practice facial expressions in front of the mirror – learn how your face feels with a perfect smile – no gums, eyes open – not squinting.

Practice your poses in front of a mirror

Most photographers or shoot assistants will guide you in poses – however you will be much more confident if you are able to do some basic poses on your own. Look through current magazines and on youtube for behind the scenes shoots and event fashion shows for ideas.