1 week before the shoot

If you are the one who initiated a personal shoot, be prepared to send your photographer your detailed list of outfits, including colors, styles, shoes, accessories, props, etc. Some photographers may not requite this but just in case, it’s best to stay ready. One of our favorite MMM tips/quotes is that “If you stay ready, you wont have to get ready!”

Remember – great commercial photographs aren’t accidents – they require planning.

3 days before the shoot

Wax or shave your legs and armpits 3 days prior to a shoot. If you are modeling swimwear or lingerie, be sure you hit the bikini line. This is also the time to be sure your facial hair is under control. Don’t have your facial hair waxed in the three days prior to your shoot in order to allow for irritation to disappear.

Check your hair! If it has been a while since you had a trim, now is the time. Just be sure your hairdresser knows that he/she can’t go too wild this time. If you hair is dry, opt for a deep conditioning treatment. If you color your hair, get a refresher or have your roots done.

Note: Now is NOT the time to try new hair color/style or beauty treatment! If your color doesn’t come out as planned or your skin breaks out because you reacted to a new cleanser, you won’t look your best!

2 days before the shoot

To confirm the location and time of your shoot so that you insure you are on time!

Confirm the list of outfits – styles and colors and props.

Contact your photographer or shoot coordinator to ask any last minute questions that you may have. Note: If your first shoot is during the ModelMe Experience, you will most likely have a conference call to go over details and give you the opportunity to ask your questions.

Get your nails done. Generally, short and neutral (nude polish or a French manicure) is the desired look. Don’t forget your toes!

Drink plenty of water, avoid salty foods and alcohol prior to a shoot so that you don’t have to deal with unwanted bloating on the day of the shoot.

24 hours before the shoot

PLEASE – Get plenty of sleep before a shoot.

Bags, dark circles, and bloodshot eyes WILL ruin a shoot. Sleep at least eight hours a night for the three days prior to your shoot and avoid alcohol.